8 Days Are Great in Vietnam and Cambodia


Most of you can’t possibly believe that in just 8 days, you can travel from Vietnam to Cambodia without missing the countries’ most admired destinations such as Saigon and Siem Reap. Well that may sound impossible, while it is definitely not for Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel. They would guide you through the 8 days to enjoy beautiful scenery as well as unbearably authentic culture in the two Southeast Asian countries.


But, how is it Vietnam Cambodia itinerary 8 days in detail?

The 8-Day Trip to Vietnam and Cambodia

Before going with this tour package, get ready to keep your body fitness in a good condition, as you would not want to ruin your own quick break while being in a country you might have not ever visited before. It is recommended for you to always keep up with your guide throughout the tour to avoid any unexpected occurrence.

Well, as you are ready to travel with your Vietnam Cambodia Laos travel, prepare yourselves and your backpack while landing in Saigon, one of Vietnam’s important cities. While being here, you can visit Reunification Palace and a number of French-styled buildings, such as the Old Sai Gon post office and the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Not only that, you are also given an opportunity to go into the Cu Chi tunnels, which have total length around 200 km. The tunnels were built by Vietnamese soldiers as they were fighting for their nation’s independence. You can see how the tunnels keep the history of the country and induces a sense of fear out of the walls, as you crawl into the tunnels.

Right after pushing your fear deep down into your mind, you can let it vanish as you take a boat ride through Mekong delta. Along the route, coconut trees, houses, and plantation decorate the river sides, making you wonder how the people survive through these modern days. In addition, you are going to pass My Tho, wholesale fruit market located along the way.


Having it done with Vietnam, Siem Reap is your first destination in Cambodia. Take this chance to enjoy sunset at Phnom Bakheng hill. And obviously, you cannot miss Angkor Wat anytime you step your feet in Siem Reap. If you come at the right time, you can even watch public ceremonies held in the complex.


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