What is actually Attention Deficit Hyperactivity?  Read below to know more


Around the world more or less every health expert are under the impression that ADHD is the most common and significant behavioral disorder that occurs during childhood.  This is quite common and creates a huge fuss in the later stage of life.  Though it says that this particular disorder only affect children at a particular age but over time it has been seen that even elder people are affected by it.

Dr. Jonathan LauterMDone of the renowned psychiatrists will take you through a journey of ADHD.  So, let’s see what the Dr has to say about this disorder which affects many people around the world.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder is a type of a mental disorder of the neurodevelopment type.  This particular disorder is characterized by various factors like problems paying attention, excessive activity and sometimes difficulty in controlling a certain kind of emotion or a behavior.   As said earlier that this disease is more relevant to children at the age of six till twelve and sometimes it also happens to older people but that is very rare.

ADHD brings a huge amount of restlessness inside the body. Children get restless unnecessarily which in turn leads to several other problems.

This particular disorder has got variations which in turn affects the health in a bad way. The children are caged with this disorder and at times it becomes difficult to overcome.

  • Predominantly Inattentive type- In this regard a person finds it very difficult to organize or finish a particular task. An individual takes an ample amount of time to pay attention to the various details of the work and are often unable to follow instruction.
  • Hyper active Impulsive type- Over here it becomes very difficult for an individual to keep quite over a period of time. The person gets hyperactive in everything without any such reasons.  People suffering from this disorder are restless, impulsive, grab things from others and speak at inappropriate moments.  In a nutshell this particular disorder makes an individual hyper at frequent intervals.
  • Combined type- This is a combined syndrome which includes both the features of hyper activity mentioned above.

Now, let’s focus on certain syndrome which reflects this particular disorder

  • The children get restless, overactive and fidget at regular intervals.
  • The child is constantly chattering.
  • A child has a habit of interrupting people around him or her.
  • Most of the time, the child is not attentive towards a particular thing.
  • The child becomes looses out patience

These are certain common syndromes which are sometimes responsible for this disorder.  Over here, one thing needs to be noted that these symptoms generally doesn’t mean that the person is suffering from this disorder.  If someone is actually going under such events in life, then or she should consult a good doctor to know the exact cause.

Well at certain times a person may definitely contact or consult one o the renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Jonathan LauterMDfor better knowledge about this disorder and its various remedies.


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